Better Shoes for a Better Planet

LANE EIGHT’s sustainability journey is not unlike a fitness journey: starting is everything, failure is inevitable, adjustment is vital, and practice makes perfect.

On our journey to reduce our environmental impact, we’re looking at ways to incorporate the greenest materials and processes to build the most sustainable, high performance footwear. By using the best materials and working with the best partners, we will be carbon net zero by 2030.

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Our Journey Thus Far...

  1. 2018

    We launched the Trainer AD 1. Designed for the Everyday Athlete, our signature shoe combined all-day comfort, performance, and style, making these the ultimate versatile workout shoe.

  2. 2019

    We introduced an updated AD 1 featuring a recycled polyester knit upper and a BLOOM Algae-based midsole. Every pair incorporates the equivalent of 11 recycled single-use plastic bottles. Thanks to the algae content in the BLOOM soles, each pair also captures 64 cubic meters of CO2 and returns 31.5 litres of clean water back to the local environment.

  3. 2021

    We debuted our second model: the HIIT Trainer, featuring a Tencel plant-based upper.

    We calculated the carbon footprint of the Trainer AD 1 and HIIT Trainer using a lifecycle assessment (LCA).

  4. 2022

    We partnered with Carbonfact to verify our LCA measurements and publish them on our site.

    We also developed our strategy for carbon offsets with a focus on carbon removal.

  5. 2023

    We launched the Relay Trainer - a versatile running and training shoe featuring a bio-based sole made with sugarcane and algae and an upper made from recycled plastic.

Understanding Our Carbon Footprint

As part of our journey to Carbon Net Zero, we’re measuring our impact and publishing the carbon footprint of our products. We track five key areas - materials, manufacturing, distribution, product use, and end of life - and combine the carbon intensity of each to determine the carbon footprint of each model.

The HIIT Trainer

Our Partners

Sustainability is a team effort. Meet our Teammates

BLOOM has developed a unique process for harvesting and processing toxic algae blooms to be incorporated into midsole foams. By working with BLOOM, we’re reducing our reliance on traditional petroleum-based cushioning materials.
Tencel is a leader in environmentally responsible fibers made from wood. Our HIIT Trainer features a TENCEL lyocell upper made from a combination of Eucalyptus and Cotton fibers.
Invisible Company is dedicated to developing plastic-free, compostable & biodegradable materials and plant-based resources. We use their innovative mailer bags for all of our online orders.
Carbonfact is a company focused on decarbonizing the fashion and footwear industry by offering life-cycle assessments of products. We use their methodology to validate our products’ carbon footprints, giving us a baseline measurement to assess our progress towards carbon net zero.

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