We’re fitness people. When we reflect upon and plan new sustainability initiatives, we frame it like a fitness journey. Neither fitness nor sustainability are easy to master, and the journey can often be non-linear. We set goals, train, get sore, have setbacks, and learn something new with every rep. To achieve any goal, you need commitment and consistency. Most importantly, you need to START. 

We spent a lot of time as a team discussing our sustainability philosophy, and how it applies to LANE EIGHT as a whole. We came to a consensus, and condensed our ideas down to what we call our Mission Statement:

Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of LANE EIGHT (our shoes and our ethics). We choose to focus on progress, committing to ever-evolving positive change, and pivoting to remain environmentally ethical as sustainable innovations become available. Our sustainability journey is not unlike a fitness journey: starting is everything, failure is inevitable, adjustment is vital, and practice makes perfect.

Through education, transparency, and an open dialogue with our community of ethical athletes, we aim to solidify LANE EIGHT as a performance footwear brand that is both serious and earnest in its commitment to sustainable ambitions. The first step in that process is developing Our Roadmap. This roadmap will outline the series of steps we plan to take in the coming days, months, and years in order to become and stay the most sustainable workout shoe on the market. We’ll keep you in the loop as roadblocks arise, detours are taken, or destinations change.

We’re starting with three stages: 

Understanding our footprint: Meticulous measurement over 2021 will give us the starting point we need to measure our progress in the future.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint: Minimising power use by identifying our most energy efficient practices and adopting smaller footprint materials.

Offsetting our Remaining Carbon Footprint: Purchasing carbon offsets with the ultimate goal of Carbon Neutrality.

These stages will be applied in three areas of focus: Operations, Logistics, and Products.

In the near future, we’ll be posting lots of information about Where We Are Now and Where We’re Going. Keep an eye out on all channels to learn more about our materials, operations, employees, and ultimate sustainability goals.


August 11, 2022