We’re on a mission to build the world’s best workout shoes. But we’re not just talking performance in the gym or on the road, we’re talking about designing and developing shoes that Planet Earth can feel good about. With our latest collection, we’ve incorporated recycled and sustainable materials like plastic and algae that reduce our impact, and make our shoes even better.

BLOOM™ Algae Foam Midsole

We’ve partnered with the awesome team at BLOOM to incorporate algae into our midsoles. How does it work? It starts with BLOOM harvesting toxic algae blooms from lakes around the world. The harvested algae is dried and processed, and eventually become part of our cushy midsoles. All told, each pair of our BLOOM midsoles returns 31.5 liters of fresh water back to the environment, and removes 64 cubic meters of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Recycled Knit Upper

Our stretchy, supportive knit uppers are made with recycled plastic yarn. Each upper starts off as single-use plastic bottles, which are shredded and formed into a fine yarn. We then knit this yarn into an upper featuring reinforced and ventilated zones. Every pair of LANE EIGHTs equals 11 bottles worth of recycled single-use plastic.

Vegan Microfiber Overlays

We’ve ditched all animal products and shifted to using vegan microfiber. Not only is our microfiber lighter than suede, it’s just as durable too. The best part? No animals are harmed in making our shoes!

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