We’re LANE EIGHT and we’re on a mission to make the world’s best workout shoes. And not just good for you, but good for the planet. We started by ditching the idea that a performance shoe could only be made for one specific sport or activity in mind. We designed our first shoe – the Trainer AD 1 – from the ground up to handle your runs, your gym sessions, your group workouts, and more. So whether you’re a mall walker or a gym junkie, these shoes are for you. And that’s not even the best part! We’re reducing the impact of our shoes by using recycled plastic, algae-based cushioning, and vegan suede across our entire range.

We saw an opportunity to approach fitness and movement from a more inclusive standpoint. Our team worked in the footwear industry and experienced firsthand the shortcomings of corporate made footwear, and always felt we could do things better. Now free from the organisational rules, we’re finally able to answer the big question:

What do real, everyday athletes need?

Changing The Rules

Why is it that performance wear pigeonholes activity, style and movement? With LANE EIGHT, we’re ditching the traditional footwear categories and focusing on shoes that serve the everyday athlete. That means shoes designed to be just as versatile as you are!

Form + Function

By focusing on both form and function, LANE EIGHT’s can handle your toughest workouts, and look good doing them. They’re fun and functional. What’s not to love?

A New Standard

We’re not here to use random buzzwords that sound cool but don’t mean anything. Instead, we’re letting our materials do the talking, and focusing on the things that really matter: versatile performance, sustainability, and great value. Easy!

We’re making moves on the path towards sustainable performance. Here are some of our biggest steps so far.


Together with BLOOM we’re developing shoes that not only feel great but also clear toxic algae blooms, return clean water back to local environments, and capture carbon dioxide.


We’ve partnered with RUN to donate shoes to refugees as part of their mission to rehabilitate through sports and education.

Recycled Materials

We’re incorporating recycled materials across our products and packaging. Whether its plastic or paper, we’re putting them to better use.