It can be so tempting to set extreme goals when the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins. This year, we’re taking a different approach by focusing on balance. A balanced workout attitude makes for a sustainable workout routine – that means listening to your body, trusting your intuition, and embracing all your workout moods – chill or intense! 

To celebrate and facilitate our commitment to balance in 2022, we’re adding two brand new colourways of the HIIT Trainer.

Enter: Warm Grey and Bright Coral! Each colour represents a sweet spot on either side of the workout spectrum: one vibrant and energetic, the other quiet and focused. Choose the hue that suits your mood, and find a little more balance (and fun!) in all the ways you move through 2022. 

Bright Coral is a stroke of athletic inspiration. It’s maxing out on reps, learning new moves, boundless energy, and a spring in your step! This monochrome HIIT Trainer comes alive with the vivid glow of coral. 

LANE EIGHT HIIT Trainer in Bright Coral
LANE EIGHT HIIT Trainer in Warm Grey

Warm Grey is determination on the down-low. Quiet (but powerful!), this neutral and easy-to-wear true grey will bring comfort and confidence to all your 2022 moves.

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