Meet our latest Limited Edition drop: The Energy Pack! These two new shades of our signature LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1s are the perfect antidote to the sluggishness that comes with the colder months ahead. Like an energy drink for your feet, these high-voltage colours are designed to wake up your workouts and electrify your daily routine.

First up: Electric Yellow. A riff off of our cult-favorite (and most highly requested) Neon Yellow, this highlighter hue redefines bold. Eye-catching, compliment-fetching, and unbelievably energizing, Electric Yellow is the perfect colour to bring new life to your workouts and wardrobe. 

Then, we have our all-new Electric Blue. This brilliant cerulean blue invigorates the senses to accelerate your day. On even the dreariest winter days, Electric Blue has the power to exhilarate and inspire, bringing a much-needed punch to your schedule of sweat sessions. 

Our limited edition colours (especially neons) sell out in a flash, so don’t miss out!


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