While you’re out there being Your Best You, we’re putting in the work behind the scenes to be Our Best Us. In our eyes, Our Best Us means becoming a Carbon Neutral business, and staying on the cutting edge of sustainable innovation. We’re proud of Where We Are Now, but we’re even more excited about Where We’re Going.

Taking on the goal of carbon neutrality is HUGE, especially because we’re still a small business. Even though we already use sustainable materials (like recycled plastic bottles and BLOOM), we consider ourselves to be in Stage Zero of our sustainability journey.

Stage Zero = plan, plan, plan. We take sustainability seriously, and we want to avoid slip-ups wherever possible, so we’re taking no short-cuts when it comes to building and expanding upon our road map. We intend to partner with internationally recognized third-party organizations to make sure our sustainability plans and execution are air-tight.

The next step is Stage One: understand our footprint. We need a clear starting point so we can meaningfully measure our progress. Through 2021, we’ll be critically and carefully assessing our carbon footprint across our business operations. This includes our Hong Kong office and retail shop, Hong Kong warehouse, and US office. We’ll also be assessing the carbon footprint of our logistics, which includes factory-to-warehouse shipping, our US third-party warehouse, and final mile distribution. It’s a lot of numbers and moving pieces, but it’s vital to start at the granular level. We don’t want to retrofit sustainability into our business down the road, we want sustainability to be the root from which our business grows.

Currently, we purchase offsets to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re learning, however, that emission reduction within product and supply chain is the better course of action for our planet. With that in mind, we will prioritize reduction over offsets when making business, product, and supply chain decisions.

The world of sustainability is constantly advancing, and it’s important to us that we remain flexible and forward-thinking in order to incorporate more sustainable methods and materials as they’re dreamed up. Consider this post the first of many. We’ll keep you updated as we discover, evolve, and grow up greener.


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