We’re fitness people. When we reflect upon and plan new sustainability initiatives, we frame it like a fitness journey. Neither fitness nor sustainability are easy to master, and the journey can often be non-linear. We set goals, train, get sore, have setbacks, and learn something new with every rep. To achieve any goal, you need commitment and consistency. Most importantly, you need to START. 

So, where are we now? 

Our Materials

It’s taken us years to study, source, and curate the materials that come together to make LANE EIGHT trainers. Many companies try to make their product more sustainable without sacrificing quality — we want to go further. We’re setting out to make our product 100% sustainable while improving the quality. 

Recycled plastic bottles (11 bottles per pair of AD 1s to be exact) are used to create our knit uppers. This process starts with single-use plastic bottles, which are shredded and turned into yarn, which then become our signature uppers. If you’ve ever worn our trainers, you already know how game-changingly cozy and supportive this material is. 

From left to right: Algae sludge, Algae flakes, Algae powder, and Algae pellets ready to be turned into cushy midsoles.

BLOOM Foam is an algae-based material that we use to craft our midsole. Algae is harvested as a slide, and from there its processed into flakes, then powder, and finally into pellets that we turn into our midsoles. Not only does this high-tech innovation help give our shoes their famous energetic bounce and unmatched comfort, it also returns 31.5 liters of fresh water back to the environment and removes 64 cubic meters of carbon from the atmosphere (for each pair made!)

One of our more recent sustainable moves was making the switch to vegan microfiber over traditional suede, allowing us to make the Trainer AD 1 a completely vegan workout shoe. This change made our product more environmentally friendly, and opened our community to more ethical athletes. Wonderfully, our vegan microfiber is more durable and lighter than suede, which means the experience of wearing LANE EIGHTs is even better than ever before. 

Durable, abrasion-resistant, and not a single animal harmed.

What’s next?

Reducing our impact further by using more naturally-derived materials. As we improve upon our existing models and develop future models, we’re testing out a variety of natural alternatives to our existing materials. We’re looking for that sweet spot of lower impact and higher performance. Stay tuned for an update later this month on where we’re going.


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