In athletics of any kind, we all have different starting points, paths, and end goals; the same goes for sustainability. Our team stretches across the world, but we’re all working toward getting greener, and strengthening our sustainability muscles each and every day. 

Here’s the scoop on Our Lives: 

James (Co-Founder)

Having lived in cities most of my life, I’d almost become inured to the amount of trash and pollution that surrounds us, but going scuba diving for the first time really opened my eyes to just how much trash and pollution is out there – seeing plastic bags, ghost nets, and trash 50-60 feet down when you’re miles away from the nearest piece of land is pretty heartbreaking. That experience really cemented the fact that the world needs to start making big changes in terms of our consumption patterns, the waste we generate, and how we handle that waste. Our household is now all about reusable bottles and tupperware, and avoiding virgin and single-use plastics as much as possible. My wife and I recently added a little one to our family, and so we’re now figuring out how to avoid the the massive amount of waste that seems to be a part of the baby/childcare industry – from diapers to clothes and everything in-between, we’re looking for things that are made with natural and sustainable materials that can be re-used and are made to last.  

Josh (Co-Founder)

The impact of my personal lifestyle on the planet was something I never spent time thinking about until I was living on my own in Vietnam. I distinctly remember looking at the pile of plastic I had accumulated in my garbage from just a couple days, and thinking there’s no reason why any one person should consume that much plastic. Then looking at the amount of shoes I had also looked extremely wasteful. That was the turning point where I really tried to reduce my personal consumption and footprint. Most of the changes I’ve made are simple things like always having a water bottle, using my own coffee mug, cutting down on delivery/takeout, and making purchases based on quality and product lifespan.

Bob (Advisor)

As someone who grew up before plastic packaging was widely used, I have always been conscious of the amount of packaging used for food and other products. We shop mostly at local markets avoiding pre-packaged goods where possible. I always use my own mug for coffee and a metal water bottle.Living in Hong Kong where public transport is excellent means I don’t need a car and usually use public transport or walk. After a long career in sports and footwear manufacturing, it is great to see the industry taking steps to reduce its footprint. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute to this journey where I can.

Lauren (Head of US Marketing)

I grew up in a home where my mom was extremely environmentally conscious; she used to drive our recyclables to a special plant 30 minutes away and we basically weren’t allowed to use plastic of any kind.  So, really, I’m just trying to one day live up to her standards! But, specifically, my sustainability goal for 2021 is to cut out all plastic bottles and bike/walk instead of driving or public transportation.  

Emily (Copy + Community Relations Manager)

I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years! My Mom switched to plant-based cooking at home when I was a teen, but I never looked back after learning about the meat industry in an Environmental Science class in college. In 2020, I drastically reduced my plastic use by FINALLY kicking my NYC-hustle-fueled Starbucks habit. My next goal is to eliminate “fast fashion” and invest in well-made pieces from more sustainable brands that will last me 5+ years. 

Raven (Social Media Coordinator)

As someone who lives in Arkansas commonly known as “the natural state,” the environment has always been important to me. Before being a public relations major I was environmental science, and learning about sustainability completely redirected what I thought about consumption on a grand scale. I’ve gradually made the shift to a completely pescetarian diet and my next step is to transition to a completely plant-based lifestyle!

Kman (Marketing Coordinator)

When I started to live by myself, I came to realize that I have been creating so much waste everyday. I have decided to put a recycle bin next to the rubbish bin as a reminder to myself that I have to separate my waste and recycle things that shouldn’t end up in landfills e.g. plastic, paper, metal. It is a small step but at least it is a great start. I’ve also invested in re-usable tupperware in a bid to cut-out single-use plastics.

Carlo (Head of Retail Operations)

When I was a kid, my parents would take my brother and I down to the Can and Plastic Bottle recycling collection points every weekend in Sydney. Initially they figured we needed some sort of incentive to recycle and told us that we could get cash money. To be honest it worked! My brother and I would make a point to collect and recycle every weekend just to earn a few dollars. We barely had enough money between the both of us to actually buy anything worthwhile, but my parents had laid the foundations in us that we continue and build upon to this day. On top of recycling and trying to cut down the use of plastic in my life, I’ve completely stopped buying “fast fashion” for over 11 years now, and always try and support small fashion businesses and invest in either vintage or new pieces that I will hold onto forever. Apart from this, I also try to apply the knowledge I’ve gained working with a sustainable brand into my own creative projects wherever possible. 

Elwin (Finance and Accounting)

I was never mindful of the environment until I met my wife who is very passionate about it. I used to previously go grocery shopping and would always ask for plastic bags to carry my groceries. I would have a drawer full of them by the end of the month. She bought us a shopping trolly that we use not only for groceries but any purchases we make. Everytime I buy anything I no longer ask for plastics. I now have a reusable water bottle that I used rather than using plastic or paper cups. We have replaced all our appliances at home with more efficient versions and have fully committed to environmental change as a family.

Annie (Customer service)

I was raised in a vegetarian family and started eating meat by age of six. I got addicted to junk food (especially McDonald’s and KFC) in high school, but eventually found my way back to being a vegetarian. Honestly, being a vegetarian can be tough sometimes, but it leads to a much more balanced diet and a smaller impact on the environment. Especially now that the summers are getting hotter, we need to do more things to save the planet! My goal for this year is to use less paper and plastic bags. 

Yen (Head of HK Marketing)

I used to love fashion and buying a lot of fast fashion, but when I started at LANE EIGHT, I learnt a lot from our co-founders James and Josh and I realised I have too many clothes, way more than I need. Therefore I have decided to not shop at all in clothing and I have been doing this for over half a year, which I feel very happy about because I’ve now pared down my wardrobe to just the essentials and at the same time, reduced my impact on the environment. It’s all about less, but better for me now.

James (Graphic Designer)

When I started to live without my family, I always ordered food from restaurants in the first few years. Seeing the accumulation of styrofoam boxes, plastic bags, plastic bottles, paper cups and straws in my bin at the end of a week was a big wake-up call. I’ve since decided to learn how to cook myself an easy meal instead of ordering out from restaurants everyday. And I’ve been mindful of avoiding disposable tablewares when I do need to get food from outside. I’ve also learnt to separate my trash and kitchen waste into different kinds of recycling categories.


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