March is Women’s History Month, and here at LANE EIGHT, we’re celebrating by featuring women from our community who inspire us. You might know some of them, you might not, but each of them has shown us what it means to be “Your Best You.” 

With our #YourBestYou series, we’re sharing some of our favorite stories of perseverance, hope, and aspiration from the LANE EIGHT community of Everyday Athletes! For our latest feature we caught up with couple Myron and Deena.

Tell us about yourselves.

Myron: Hi, I’m Myron. I am a freelance personal trainer, full-time parent to our dog Robin, and a part-time watcher of Netflix.

Instagram: @myronsy
Location: Hong Kong
Favorite Color: Dusty Taupe

Deena: Hi, I’m Deena. I’m a full-time teacher, part time student, and occasionally a rugby player when COVID is under control! I also work with Phenomenally Pink to raise awareness for the HKBCF.

Instagram: @deena_rt
Location: Hong Kong
Favorite Color: Pink Sand

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What does “Your Best You” mean to you?

Myron: For me, it means having faith in myself. When you have faith and believe in yourself, you will succeed. No matter the journey, there will always be difficulties but you should never lose your belief in yourself. Always trust yourself and the process. That’s when great things happen.

Deena: I believe my best me is when I am the happiest with myself. Our society has so many different standards and constantly trying to chase those standards just seems unreasonable to me. If you are happy being you, does anything else matter?

I also think it is very important to be kind! There is so much hurt and hate in this world, and I hope that I can be kind to people and help people in need.

How have you dealt with what 2020 has thrown at you?

Myron: 2020 was the biggest roadblock for me! I had to have ACL surgery and I couldn’t work during the recovery period. By the time I had sufficiently recovered, COVID has caused all the gyms to shut down, which was a massive stress as my livelihood was severely affected. With all that, I realised I needed to adjust my mindset, and so I pivoted to working as a freelance personal trainer.

Deena: 2020 has been really tough for both teachers and students, and its something that I can empathise with being both a teacher and student myself. Currently, I’m still learning to be more flexible in adjusting to new situations and going with the flow.

How do you plan on taking on 2021?

Myron and Deena: With grace!

Who is someone you look up to that embraces the “Your Best You” lifestyle and why do you look up to them? 

Myron: For me it is definitely Kobe Bryant. His “Mamba Mentality” is something I look up to and try to keep in mind. Kobe describes it as “all about focusing on the process and trusting in the hard work when it matters most.”

Deena: Princess Diana is someone that I still look up to. The work she did to bring awareness and aid to overlooked and underserved communities was something I really admire. She was such a positive woman who really radiated kindness!

What self-care rituals do you do to feel your best physically and mentally? 

Myron: Rest and recovery is such an important part of my training routine, and so my focus is on ensuring that I give myself the best chance at getting adequate sleep and rest. I’m finding that meditation can calm myself both mentally and physically.

Deena: Having a nighttime skincare routine really helps me to wind down and calms me right before bed. I also make sure that I stay active week during the week, whether its hiking, running or playing rugby, it’s important for me that I get in some sweat sessions. And finally, there’s Netflix!

What’s your number one advice for people who are struggling with their own wellness journey?

Myron: Do not lose hope. Things are always difficult before they’re easy!

Deena: Be kind to yourself and always put yourself first. Don’t forget who you are and who you want to be.

What do you love about LANE EIGHT, and what do you want to see more of in the future?

Myron: I really enjoy the comfort and the colors, which are easy to match with the rest of my clothes. Don’t forget the sustainable and recycled materials. In the future, I’d love to see some LANE EIGHT workout clothes!

Deena: I love that every pair is made with recycled plastic bottles! In the future I’d like to see more colors and maybe a cute gym bag.

If you could share one message with the LANE EIGHT Community, what would it be?

Myron: Grab a pair and move your butt!

Deena: Be happy, be kind, and don’t stop moving 💃


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