Meet Everyday Athlete and certified yoga teacher Christine Fung. Currently a senior marketing and communication for sports charity Inspiring HK, Christine is a big believer in the power of sports as a tool for education and rehabilitation. When she’s not working, you can find this ex-gymnast, dancer, and track & field athlete by the water or spending time with her two cats and dog. Though she was recently diagnosed with an endocrine genetic disorder, that hasn’t stopped her from staying active and finding new ways to take care of her body.

We recently caught up with Christine to pick her brain on how she handled the challenges of 2020, her plans for 2021, and what #YourBestYou means to her.

Instagram: @xt1n3fun9

Location: Hong Kong

What does “Your Best You” mean to you? 
It’s a process of growth. We must humble ourselves to the long journey of inner and outer work and continue to strive to be the best version of ourselves today, better than we were yesterday. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean doing more, but it’s the amount of effort we mindfully give in that counts.

How did you discover LANE EIGHT?
I wanted a pair of multifunctional shoes that can do it all and can go with any outfit because my shoe closest is running out of space (come on it’s Hong Kong). 

How have you dealt with what 2020 has thrown at you?
Amidst the pandemic, I have used the free time to get certified as a yoga teacher. Everyone could use some sanity during this psychotic time! 

How do you plan on taking on 2021?
With positivity and an open heart! I also plan on learning a new sport: outdoor bouldering or free diving! Of course I would also love to empower more people to love and try sports, first by teaching yoga this year. 

Who is someone you look up to that embraces the “Your Best You”  lifestyle and why do you look up to them? 
I respect model, muay thai fighter and body positivity advocate Mia Kang. She has an authentic, unapologetic voice which I can personally relate to. She combated eating disorder and body dysmorphia with her love of martial arts. She’s one HOT BAD ASS. 

What self-care rituals do you do to feel your best physically and mentally? 
I enjoy lighting a scented candle and soaking in a hot water bath. Adding some epsom salts if muscles are ultra sore!

What’s your number one advice for people who are struggling with their own wellness journey?
We must learn to be patient with ourselves. If you think you are struggling, you are not alone, I too struggle daily getting comfortable in my own skin and finding my own regime. If one sport or one pattern does not work for you, try options until you find what sticks. Listen to your own body, rest if you need to. Being vulnerable is not weak, we all learn to train to be strong physically but don’t forget we also need to be strong mentally too. To do that, you must find joy in what you do. Start small and set realistic goals but be consistent.

What do you love about LANE EIGHT? 
Its versatility and it’s vegan! I also love the analogy that lane eight is the hardest lane but you’re still in the race. 

What do you want to see in LANE EIGHT in the future?
Pastel colours, please!

If you could share one message with the LANE EIGHT community, what would it be?
Everyone is able to inspire and empower others and we are all stronger than we think.

First travel destination post-COVID?
Kenting, Taiwan. Sun, beach, waves, surf.

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