Say Hello to Grandpa Kwun!

Hong Kong’s most stylish OAP, Grandpa Kwun exemplifies the adage that you’re only as old (or young) as you feel. When he’s not busy flexing on the ‘gram, you’ll find Grandpa Kwun holding down his day job as a clinical psychologist with a private practice here in Hong Kong. Outside of his day job, you’ll find him attending to his own self-care, whether it’s his meditation practice or his daily morning ritual, or sharing his fire fits on IG 🔥. We caught up with the man himself to talk about his self-care routine, how he handled the realities of COVID living, and what #YourBestYou means to him.

Instagram: @grandpamaoyu

Location: Originally from Amsterdam, Holland and currently based in Hong Kong. 

What does “Your Best You” mean to you?
Being present. I’ve noticed how much I lived half of my life worrying about the big “what if” and worrying about something that might or might not happen in the future or things that happened in the past. I realised I wasted so much time. So being the best me would be being in the moment, appreciating the here and now. 

How did you discover LANE EIGHT?
I first discovered LANE EIGHT on Instagram. I think it was an advertisement. Then I saw another big advertisement on the tram a few months ago. Then I saw a woman on MTR holding a LANE EIGHT shoebox. I swear pretty much everywhere I go I see LANE EIGHT. So this is a tough question to answer LOL. 

How have you dealt with what 2020 has thrown at you?
There are always goods and bads in every situation. I was able to appreciate family time during the pandemic. I spent a lot of time on self-development and practising self-care in 2020. 

How do you plan on taking on 2021?
I don’t really have a plan. In times like these, planning is just going to make me more stressed. At my age, it’s better to just go with the flow. 

Who is someone you look up to that embraces the “Your Best You”  lifestyle and why do you look up to them? 
I look up to Siddhattha Gotama and Dalai Lama… They are both very wise and I admire their way of life. (Hahaha I’m only trying to sound smart.. the former is the Buddha if you don’t already know). 

What self-care rituals do you do to feel your best physically and mentally? 
Physically I focus on my dieting. My morning ritual is a simple one: drink a big glass of water as soon as I open my eyes, so I would prepare a glass of water by my bedside every night before I go to sleep. I also try not to look at my phone until I finish my breakfast. 

Mentally, I practise medication and ground techniques once a day for 30minutes. I also take a few drops of CBD oil twice a day. Once in the morning and once before I go to sleep. I love my CBD products. 

What’s your number one advice for people who are struggling with their own wellness journey?
Recognise and accept your struggles. Seek help appropriately. 

What do you love about LANE EIGHT?
Without a doubt the concept of recycling. The shoes are outstandingly comfortable and they make me feel good about myself. They make me feel like I am doing my part for the planet. 

What do you want to see in LANE EIGHT in the future?
I would like to see more products from LANE EIGHT such as clothing and accessories. 

If you could share one message with the LANE EIGHT community, what would it be? 
Be kind to yourself and be kind to each other. I believe a little kindness would make the world more manageable! 

First travel destination post-COVID? 
Amsterdam 100%. Damn I miss that place. 


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