Well its official, 2020 is over! As we get settled into 2021, we’re hopeful that this year marks the beginning of a return to some sort of normal. At LANE EIGHT, we’re starting the year with a heady dose of optimism. Why? Amidst the chaos of 2020, we’ve been inspired by stories of perseverance, honesty, and hope. So to kick things off this year, we’re launching our #YourBestYou campaign. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite stories from our community of Everyday Athletes. From how they dealt with the year that was, to fitness and wellness tips, and aspirations for the year ahead, we’re taking a deep dive into how our community is planning to be #YourBestYou in 2021.

Following up our first feature with LANE EIGHT co-founder James Shorrock, we’re now catching up with Olympic swimmer Camille Cheng. One of Hong Kong’s most accomplished swimmers, Camille’s Olympic plans were put on hold last year due to the pandemic. Instead of dwelling on what could have been, she’s stayed focused on the processed, and has a new found appreciation for the process and the journey. At the same time, she’s used the challenges of 2020 to force her to be more creative, and in the process, become an even more dynamic athlete. Read below to find out how Camille plans to be her best self in 2021.

Instagram: @camillelcheng

Location: Hong Kong

What does “Your Best You” mean to you?
To me, “Your Best You” means being unapologetically yourself. While it’s still a work in progress, I find that I like the person I show up as when I trust myself, play to my strengths, and express gratitude. 

How did you discover LANE EIGHT?
I attended a lululemon x LANE EIGHT sweat session back in 2018. I got my first pair of LANE EIGHT shoes and fell in love!

How have you dealt with what 2020 has thrown at you?
2020 – what a year. It was definitely a challenging year for me personally and professionally. In a way, this year was an opportunity for me to implement all the tools, skills and maintain the positive mindset that I’ve learned and developed as an athlete over the years. As an athlete, I take pride in being adaptable and mentally strong. It took looking at the situation and asking myself how to frame things positively. One of the hardest things for me this year was staying motivated. With the Olympics being postponed and our competitions continuing to get cancelled, I felt like I was training for nothing. Working with my support network of coaches, psychologists, teammates and family, I worked hard to redefine my goals and as such, helped with my motivation. This past year also allowed me to become more creative. Without access to consistent training facilities, I’ve explored new ways to workout and train – sometimes at the beach, taking advantage of the beautiful hiking trails in Hong Kong, cross-training with yoga and boxing. I’ve also carved more time working on my mental training.

How do you plan on taking on 2021?
For the last few years, I’ve stopped making new year resolutions and instead set intentions. I was on a hike with a friend earlier this week discussing what I wanted my intention to be as I was struggling to pinpoint exactly what I was feeling. As an athlete, I tend to be a goal oriented person. With the changing events of 2020, I had to continuously practice adaptability and redefining my goals. The last few years, rather than being strictly outcome focused, I’m finding joy focusing on the process and the journey. As I plan for 2021, I want to remind myself to trust the process, and enjoy the journey.

Who is someone you look up to that embraces the “Your Best You”  lifestyle and why do you look up to them?
I feel fortunate to have many individuals around me that I believe embrace the “Your Best You” lifestyle. There was a quote during my collegiate years that was shared among my team that said “surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” and I think that those that can inspire you to be the best version of yourself are special people to have in your corner.  

What self-care rituals do you do to feel your best physically and mentally?
My self-care rituals include spending time outdoors – at the beach or hiking. I try to incorporate at least an hour for myself everyday to do what I like without guilt – whether that’s reading a book, watching a tv show or movie, puzzling, yoga, journaling, getting a coffee with a friend.

What’s your number one advice for people who are struggling with their own wellness journey?
I think in anything one does, it’s always important to know your “why.” By knowing your purpose, it helps keep you grounded in your own wellness journey. At times of struggle, whether it be boredom or lack of motivation, it’s always helpful to remind myself of the bigger picture.

What do you love about LANE EIGHT?
I love the product for its comfort, functionality and style. But what I like even more is their efforts for sustainability. I’ve had the chance to meet and interact with the LANE EIGHT community during sweat sessions and a beach clean up and love the energy and passion for wellness of the individual and the planet. 

What do you want to see in LANE EIGHT in the future?
On the product side, more colors and choices would be great. I can’t wait to see the continued impact on the local communities and environment.

If you could share one message with the LANE EIGHT community, what would it be?
Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body.

First travel destination post-COVID?
I haven’t seen my family in over a year so definitely to see my family!


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