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By now, we’ve all started to adjust to the reality of gym closures and restrictions of group workouts and fitness classes here in Hong Kong. And while it’s definitely been a tough adjustment for all of us, and we hope that gym’s, park, and leisure facilities will open up soon, the one benefit to this has been more time spent outdoors. For us here at LANE EIGHT, we’ve used these strange times to get to know our home a bit better – particularly the great outdoors. While it may seem strange to be talking about the great outdoors, 70% of Hong Kong is green space! And while it may be a bit of a trek – or a sail – to reach some of the more remote green spaces, they’re all absolutely worth the trip.

To get you started on some new adventures here in Hong Kong, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite hiking locations across Hong Kong. So whether you’re looking for a proper trek or a gentle stroll, we think you’ll find something for you below. 

Happy Walking!


  1. Po Lo Shan
“My #HomeKong. A city that offers dramatic backdrops of stunning diversity. And since pineapple buns are synonyms with Hong Kong, why not visit it’s geological namesake – Pineapple Mountain. I could be anywhere in the world, yet, I choose to ground my feet in Hong Kong.”
– Damian (@hellodamian) 
  1. Cheung Chau
“This is located on a path in Cheung Chau. I love being out there. It’s like going on a mini-vacation.”
– Jessica (@jessicawong_wt) 
  1. Tai Long Wan
“I love hiking in Lantau. It really feels like you’re out of Hong Kong, and it’s an added bonus to see the planes flying in and out!”
– Matt (@matt_solomon)

4. Victoria Peak

“People may overlook the beauty of simple things. You may think this is a special “Instagram spot” in Kyoto, but it’s just a park in my neighborhood.”
– Vanessa (@vanesamimiwong) 

5. Jardine’s Lookout

“If you’re looking for an easily accessible, quick and easy hike, this one is for you.”
– Vivian (@vivianchanwaiyin)


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