Today we are releasing the Carbon Black colorway of our inaugural Trainer AD 1 model. The shoes feature a newly developed lightweight EVA foam midsole and will be sold at USD $140 (from USD $160).

Staying true to our ethos of developing products for the everyday athlete, we’ve been listening to customer feedback from day 1, and we’ve taken the time to react to this feedback. The stand out customer requests? More colors, and a lighter weight shoe. We’ve brought you both, via our new foam midsole.

Color has always been an important factor for LANE EIGHT — as it’s something we don’t see too much of in the current training category landscape. We found our previous ETPU midsoles to be limited with regards to color, due to the material’s characteristics. ETPU is also quite heavy compared to many midsole materials on the market. Thus, we began the search for a new midsole material that would give us flexibility with color, and that would feel lighter on foot. Our search led us to our new EVA foam compound. EVA foam will allow us to create a variety of new colors (stay tuned!) and it weighs less than our previous midsole, whilst maintaining the same level of comfort and rebound you know and love from the original Trainer AD 1.

Making the switch was no easy feat — we worked tirelessly and closely with our factory materials development team to bring it to life. We started by laying out all of the material requirements and characteristics that are important to our customers: comfort, bounce, color, versatility, and light-weight. Then began the long process of trial and error to find the right blend of raw materials. Blending was followed by lab testing to measure each material trait, until the right combination was found. Once we had developed a prototype, a lengthy wear test ensured the material was able hold up to the forces created during a variety of movements. Once we felt confident in the performance of our new foam midsole — we were then able to give the go ahead to make the switch to foam.

What does this mean for you?

With the launch of our FW18 colorways, we will be sharing our new foam midsole with all of you. On the surface you will see the same Trainer AD 1 that you’ve come to love, but under the hood will be something fresh.

We’ve always wanted to bring premium performance footwear to as many people as possible, and the best part is that this change allows us to bring the Trainer AD 1 to a more accessible price point at USD $140 (from USD $160). So more people can get their feet into our shoes, and get moving.

Throughout this process we’ve carried the goal of creating our own new material, informed by your feedback, and better than our current ETPU midsole. We wholeheartedly feel that we’ve stayed true to this goal. The fact that the Trainer AD 1 has been made more accessible in doing so is the cherry on top. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.


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