The Components

From day one, we had an idea of what we wanted the shoe to look like and how it should function. We identified all the requirements that would allow our trainers to be a well rounded and versatile shoe. Those elements were decidedly a sock-like fit, all day comfort, breathability, durability for all activity, ensured stability, and a lacing system that always keeps your foot locked down.

All these elements together would no doubt add up to a product capable of being ready for any workout, but that alone is too one dimensional. To really separate our shoe from the status quo, we wanted to utilise materials that not only perform, but also look great. Knit was chosen for its lightweight-performance characteristics, whilst leather accents were strategically placed on the upper. Thanks to Josh’s background in soccer, he knew how leather could be used as a performance material in combination with the knit upper and TPU wrapped midsole in a way that genuinely enhances the way the shoe performs.

Form and function are at the center of LANE EIGHT, but in our opinion, it’s just as essential to create an accessible product in a way that allows our factory to produce consistent quality. Value, quality and manufacturability were in mind at every stage of the design and development process. In the end, we had gone through several rounds of sampling and wear testing to get the shoe just right. All of our prototypes were similar in design but with minor tweaks along the way to create the all-purpose LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 you see today.

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Our Factory Partner

Finding a great supplier is incredibly important, but never easy. It’s about connecting with the right people who also understand our vision, and identifying a team with a real stake in the ground. Luckily for us, China houses the majority of global footwear suppliers who have acquired generations of expertise, and they happen to be close to our home base, Hong Kong.

That’s where Jiatai comes in, a performance footwear factory located right in the heart of shoe-making country, China. They started out in the 80’s and come late-2000’s they opened up their main assembly factory, which is where our product is now developed and manufactured. With decades worth of experience on the ins and outs of performance footwear, JT is one of the premier manufacturers in the region and with that comes an extensive network of various suppliers that all support JT in making the high quality footwear that it does.

At the core of it all is their team. Many of the JT employees are versed in every department, from Quality and Development to Production, each with a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in footwear production for both domestic and internationally recognized brands. This depth of knowledge and attention to detail is what has enabled us to create the next generation of performance footwear.


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